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A Message From Hell’s Angels

A Message From Hell’s Angels

Sonny Barger today

He is the iconic outlaw biker; a founder of Hell’s Angel’s.

Members of every club look up to him as the godfather of their culture.

When Sonny Barger speaks, it’s a good idea to listen… yep, even if you don’t ‘fit’ the outlaw biker mold.

Here’s  3 reasons why:

1. He’s been riding for 60 years. That counts for something.

2. Believe it or not, he’s a New York Times best-selling author.

3. Safety is a VERY big deal with him.

So take him seriously, or he just may hunt you down and show up in your driveway some day.

Sonny’s 5 Rules To Survive the Ride

1. Wear proper riding gear
He always wears a helmet. Period. Plus he dons a leather jacket, jeans or chaps, boots and gloves… even if it’s 100 degrees outside.

2. Don’t get complacent
You’ve heard this before: Most motorcycle accidents happen within a few miles of home. take every ride as serious business… even if your going to DQ for an ice cream cone.

3. Beware of your surroundings
Yeah, it’s easy to just sit back and soak up the sun and the wind. But while you’re doing that, check out the traffic ahead and behind you. Keep an eye out for that suicidal deer in the brush by the road… well, you get the idea.

4. Don’t tailgate
Space is good; so create as much of it as possible around you. Space means more time to react to bad things on the road.

5. Watch your mirrors
A common collision is getting rear-ended while stopped at a light or stop sign. Be ready to move at all times.

Nothing is new here, of course. But reminders are a good thing. And pass these on to any new riders you know.

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