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Jay Leno and Motorcycle Safety

Jay Leno and Motorcycle SafetyJay is well known for his vintage rare car collection. But also is a big motorcycling enthusiast. In fact, he’s has been riding for nearly 40 years.

Over at his website:, he talked about his passion and peeves about motorcycle safety when it comes to today’s motorcycle riders.

BTW: His collection of rare bikes is amazing!

Jay said he remembers the moment when he saw his first motorcycle. “I want to ride one of those,” he said. It was 1956 and he was six years old. His aunt’s boyfriend was a motorcycle rider and had an early Harley with a split windshield. On the tinted part of the windshield, he had a decal of a bathing beauty in a two piece suit… rather scandalous back then. Jay said, “Oh, look at that.”

His mom of course thought he meant the decal and said, “Get away from that!”

Jay couldn’t have cared less about the lady on the decal. All he saw was that gorgeous Harley.

He became intrigued by motorcycling ever since. They’re light, efficient and they don’t take up a bunch of room on the highway.

Now, of course, they have electric starters, antilock brakes and a host of other modern essentials for riding – making  motorcycle safety a lot safer than back in 1956.

Jay talked about his concern for motorcycle safety…

“Riding a motorcycle forces me to stay alert. Whenever I see motorcycle riders with headphones on, I’m thinking: Whaddaya you, crazy? Riding a bike requires you to use all of your senses, all of your instincts. A motorcycle rider can’t afford to be distracted… even for a split second.

What’s really frightening is that everybody driving vehicles today always have their down. They’re looking at their cell phones or they’re texting as they come up to a light or stop sign. Since they know the light is red, so their eyes immediately go down to look at their phone.

That means they’re NOT looking for anybody… but especially motorcycle riders. We’re difficult to see even even when they are looking at the road! You could easily get whacked from behind and end up getting your head knocked.”

There is an old motorcycling saying Jay likes a lot: There are old motorcyclists; and there are bold motorcyclists… but there are no old, bold motorcyclists.

Think about that motorcycle safety tip next time before you go for a ride.

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